Does MELT really work?


I had spent all of my adolescent and adult active life haunted by debilitating pain in my lower leg when I increased my normal activity level. Every time I jumped more in ballet class, took more dance classes than normal, played basketball, choreographed tap dance numbers, and tried to start a running program, I would get awful cramps in my toes and calves, develop a shooting pain behind my shin bone that would linger, and I would suffer from heel pain just standing in line or walking more than a mile.

I had resigned to the fact that I wasn't meant to be active. No one could help me. 

I was frustrated and sad.


Then I met Sue Hitzmann and experienced MELT in 2009.

I trained 6 months for a triathlon in 2010 right after being fully trained as an instructor in The MELT Method. I was so worried about the debilitating pain returning in my lower leg that I MELTed myself pre and post workout every single day! 

Even though I fell off my bike a bunch of times in the beginning, had to learn how to swim from scratch, and had never run more than 3 miles outside at one time before, I had no pain in my body while training for 6 months. I finished an olympic distance triathlon with absolutely no pain in my body!


I am now a MELT Master Trainer and even though I teach people how to MELT on their own and train instructors to teach MELT, I still use MELT for myself!


Isn’t it time for you to experience MELT?



Meegan Descheneaux


Meegan is a cutting edge body movement educator in pain relieving methods of self care and a licensed massage therapist. She is 1 of only 6 MELT Master Trainers hand picked by Sue Hitzmann to develop, mentor and train MELT instructors. Meegan is featured in the 3 disk MELT Method DVD. 


Meegan is known for her patience and humor while helping to guide people to sense real change in their bodies. For 15 years she honed her skills and knowledge as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in NYC. Meegan graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BFA in Music Theater from The Hartt School at The University of Hartford. She understands the varied disciplines and techniques associated with singing, dancing, playing instruments as well as athletics.


She owns MDX BODYWORX INC. DBA: PAIN FREE WINTER PARK and as a resident of the Orlando area, she is committed to continuing her passion for empowering others to help themselves live the active, healthy, pain-free life they deserve!


She teaches private sessions, workshops, corporate wellness programs as well as private events. Meegan has also been a presenter at Kripalu. 



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